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Sour Glue & Mob Boss
Member: $18/8th, $99/oz!
Non-Member: $20/8th, $110/oz!

H.C. Distillate Syringes
Member: $27/each!
Non-Member: $30/each!

MEMBERS ONLY: Blue Dream & Critical Bilbo
Member: $89/oz!

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Healing Canna is Colorado Springs’ most professional medical marijuana center since 2009. We provide clean, safe medical-grade marijuana, dispensed in a comfortable and safe environment, with personalized and compassionate care from an informed staff.

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Welcome to the new Healing Canna
2016/11/25 / 0 / Nate B

Welcome to the new!We are glad you are here! Ou..

Cannabis Types: Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid
2016/11/25 / 0 / Nate B

Even if you are new to cannabis, it is likely you have seen or h..

Understanding Cannabinoids and Terpenes
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Cannabis has many medicinal benefits but only in the last 30-40 ..

What our clients say

caseytipton /
I love everyone here. I love the staff's kindness and familiarity. I feel like family there, even when I am seeing a new face. Beautiful faces, beautiful product, quality experience. Thank you Fallon and everyone else, for brightening my day every time I come in!
tannerh1212 /
I stop in here for the first time the other day and I was extremely impressed! I really enjoyed the friendly staff and professional atmosphere that the shop had to offer. Being able to see the grow room was an awesome plus as well!
VinnydeMafia /
The flower is always excellent here, at any price range. I highly recommend their monstrous nugs of Mob Boss, and for Sativa /hybrid lovers, they have a strain called Levi's Watermelon that is both perfectly uplifting and incomparably delicious. The staff is always helpful, and the location is one of the nicest in town, with a window inside displaying their attractive grow.
bambie418 /
I came in for my first time today and I was so impressed with the facility as soon as I walked through the door! Beautiful and clean. I love that you can see the grow, and I love that their flower is big beautiful and tasty! I walked out with some Vanilla Fire today and let me say probably one of the best stains I've ever smoked! The high is amazing it's absolutely indescribable! I'm totally coming back for some more!!!!
tylerj1998 /
The Healing Canna has the best combination of bud, great environment, and overall quality. I've been a member for over 2 months now and I couldn't be happier. Just the best place to get what you need.


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