Presidential Kush | Indica

Presidential Kush | Indica

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Presidential Kush is a heavy indica-dominant strain created through a cross of Bubble Gum X OG Kush. Its kush origins are very apparent in its aroma with a pungent piney scent and hints of earthy spice. One taste of this trichrome-covered bud and you will see why it deserves the oval office name. The sweet citrusy flavor is complimented with a hint of pine and mellow spices. It starts with an almost immediate onset of cerebral head rush that leave you happy and euphoric feeling. A strong body high slowly creeps down the body for a relaxed and calm feeling.

Aroma: Earthy, pine, spicy, citrus.

Lineage: Bubble Gum X OG Kush.

Typical Effects: Relaxed, happy, sleepy, euphoric, sedative.

Treats: Pain, stress, insomnia, depression, nausea.

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