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Mob Boss | Indica

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Mob Boss is our best-selling, most frosty, and hardest hitting indica’s, adored by all. The strain earned its fame due to its intoxicating effects and heavy resin production. However, its intensity hides behind a sweet, light floral aroma with citrus and herb undertones. As for the taste, it is pungent, skunky and floral. Unlike other strains, Mob Boss does not rely on delivering a hard hitting cerebral high. It in fact induces a clear and lighter buzz that will give you the munchies, and send your body into deep relaxation. Patients use Mob Boss for potent relief of muscle tension, mood elevation, and appetite stimulation.

Aroma: Sour, earthy, floral.

Lineage: Chemdawg X Tang Tang.

Typical Effects: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted, energetic.

Treats: Depression, stress, pain, nausea, headaches.

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