The Growing Process

The Growing Process
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To seed or to clone isn’t always the easiest decision. A clone is a genetic identical of its mother while seeds each have their own individual phenotypes.

SEEDS:Keep in mind that unless your seeds are feminized that you will have to sprout your seed, grow your sprout and then sex your plant. It’s about a 50/50 chance you may have a male on your hands. Then the phenotype of a seed is not always guaranteed. If you have 2 seeds from the same mother, the plants will not necessarily be the same. Some benefits of seeds is the accessibility of different strains through seeds and the hybrid vigor that is present when you grow a plant from seed that hasn’t been degenerated over the years.


Clones or “clips” are genetic identicals to their mother. Clones are probably a bit easier to deal with than seeds because you know what type of plant and product you will end up with. When you get a clone of a mother plant you can be sure that the finished product will be the same consistently, as long as you have grown them properly and kept the plant healthy. The flipside to clones is the introduction of pests or problems into your growroom. Also, sometimes it is hard to determine if the clip you are getting is truly what it is labeled as.


Clean and disinfect your work area and tools. Always use sharp scissors or a razor and clean with alcohol. Have everything ready and within easy reach like rockwool, scissors humidity dome etc. First choose a small “softer” branch about 2″-6″ long with a few extra nodes and cut the branch at a 45degree angle. Clean up the lower 1″-2″ of the branch, making sure to leave about 3 or 4 nodes on the upper part of the branch. Then quickly place the branch into a rooting hormone for about 1 minute. Soaking the cutting until you transplant it into a grow medium usually eliminates the possibility of creating an embolism (an air bubble that can get trapped in the stem and kill the clone). Remove the cutting from the hormone and transplant it into your grow medium of choice. Your medium should be PH balanced from about 5.5 to 6.3. There are several grow mediums that I’d recommend- Rapid Rooters, Rockwool, Soilless, Sure-to-Grows, etc. Once transplanted to your grow medium you can then place the medium and the cutting into a humidity dome.


There are many methods and machines you can use to clone. I always recommend and prefer this method but it is not necessarily the best ;). GOOD LUCK!!

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