Levi's Watermelon | Indica

Levi's Watermelon | Indica

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Levi’s Watermelon get its name from the Healing Canna grower who created this delicious blend of Blue Cheese X Candy Kush. Levi’s Watermelon produces naturally dark green and purple nuggets covered in frosty trichromes. This indica-dominant strain is packed full of sweet fruity flavor with a hint of cheese. Levi’s Watermelon induces a relaxing body high while keeping the mind happy and focused, which makes this strain an excellent choice for after work relaxation without heavy sedation.

Aroma: Sweet, fruity, cheese.

Lineage: Blue Cheese X Candy Kush.

Typical Effects: Relaxed, happy, focused, hungry.

Treats: Stress, depression, lack of appetite, pain.

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