New Colorado medical patients are allowed to shop with temporary application paperwork for up to 35-days. The entire application, green certified mail receipt, and valid ID must be present each time you shop. Patients who have renewed their medical card must wait until their new card arrives to shop.

We are a medical only facility. We do, however, sell non-psychoactive CBD products to the general public.Check out our CBD section.

No, our online shopping cart is for the sole purpose of pre-ordering for in-store pickup only. Save time and cut the line when you pre-order!

Some restrictions apply.

All applicants must see a licensed doctor to determine if you are eligible for a medical card. Check out this page for more information and doctor recommendations.

Becoming a member is easy! You must first verify that you are not current signed up at another dispensary and that is has been at least 30 days since signing up somewhere else. Once our staff has confirmed this information, we will guide you through the rest of the process and make it as easy as possible for you.open

Membership is absolutely free. In fact, you will receive incentives for signing up with us. Once per medical card, we will match up to $50 on a $100 purchase or a half ounce for $50. After an initial 60-day loyalty period, you can take advantage of renewal incentives every 30 days which include a $25 match on a $50 purchase or a quarter ounce for $25.

In addition to these incentives, our membership receive a 10% on all items in the store and major discounts on daily specials.